Kamaboko Z CPU Cooler

"Kamaboko Z " means "Scythe Halberd" in Japanese
Kamaboko Z consists both value & performance product from Scythe!

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Model Name:
SCKBK-2000 Kamaboko Z CPU Cooler
Scythe Co., Ltd., Japan
Celeron (socket 478) all speeds
Pentium 4 (socket 478) all speeds
LGA775 (socket 775) all speeds
Sempron (socket 754) all speeds
Athlon 64 (socket 754) all speeds
Athlon 64FX (socket 754) all speeds
Opteron (socket 939) all speeds
Opteron (socket 940) all speeds
Fan Dimensions:
92x 92x 25mm
Combined Dimensions:
96 x 94 x 92mm
Fan Speed:
1000~3800rpm (with rheostat)
Fan Noise Level:
14.0dBA @ 1000rpm (lowest)~46.0dBA @ 3800rpm (highest)
Air Flow:
Bearing Type:
Hypro Bearing Fan (Fluid Bearing. Longer Life & Quieter)
Installation Manual:
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Universal Socket Compatibility
For this type of Value-for-Money product, the Scythe Kamaboko CPU Cooler achieved the socket compatibility for socket 478/754/939/940 & the new LGA775!
Super Quiet to High Performance Fan
Speed adjustable fan from super quiet 1000rpm @ 14.0dBA to high performance 3800rpm @ 46.0dBA
Heatpipe Technology + Wave Stacked Fin
Using the 2 Heatpipe & Wave Stacked Fin design contributes to achieve the highest cooling
Easy Installation-Just One Clip
Easy one clip and screwless design for the quick and easiest installation ever!
Super Great Value!
High performance for great value guaranteed!

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